A snowless winter.

I didn’t want to write about how we are having a snow-less winter since maybe it would jinx us into getting 18 feet like Alaska, but it’s so bizarre I have to say something about it. It is now January 9th 2012 and so far we have not even gotten a real foot of snow, let alone two feet. I think I’ve worn my super insulated overalls 6 times? Long underwear hasn’t even become habit yet, it is just too weird. However we did have a cold spell last week and our greens even under the remay did get too cold to grow or harvest. It was just a fluke occurrence though and had we been able to harvest 48 hours later it would have been fine since it was in the 40’s and ridiculously sunny.

Despite the crazy whether we are continuing to do everything according to plan. The week after christmas we butchered Porkchop. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about slaughtering our own pigs. At first I tried organize my emotions so I could walk past her hanging carcass without thinking about how cute she was as a piglet. But by pretending she was an inanimate object I felt like I was in some way disrespecting her. I know she’s just a pig and there will be many more of them but for me, as a person who had pet house flies as a kid, I can’t pretend that the live pig and the dead pig are two separate things. I’ve decided I’m not going to resist loving our pigs because I do anyway, and as hard as it is to see them go, walk past their carcass, or the bucket of feet, or the head still hanging frozen in the mudroom, I’m just going to have to go through it every time and I’m ok with that. When I decided this in my mind a week or so ago it was almost a relief, I think pretending like I didn’t care about them was actually harder than excepting their death. I’m not sure how to explain it exactly and I’m sure I’ll feel differently every time, but this is how I’m feeling after this first one.
Don’t worry all you people wondering about on farm slaughtering Josh will write a post about it sometime soon. Josh did a great job with the whole process, he killed her instantly, got her tied up, scalded, and even butchered her into gourmet cuts. All from watching a video and reading a book. I do love that man.
Above he is working on our solar greenhouse. This picture is from this morning when it was snowing the next picture is from this afternoon when it was bright, warm and sunny. The weather just can’t make up its mind.
Our greenhouse is the big project on the list for this month I am very excited to have all the space to start our plants in! The possibilities it creates in the amount of plants we can grow, the better potential for us to be organized about early planting, and the fact that we will have a space to start all our 35,000 rice plants is pretty great.
How has this non-winter been treating all of you? Anyone else have experience with home slaughtering they want to share? Anyone have a winter project they are really excited about?

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  1. chip January 12, 2012 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    James Herriot has a great story in “All Creatures Great and Small” about a farmer who every year mourned the pig his family raised to eat: “He was like a Christian was that pig, like a Christian.”

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