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Spring Snow

We've been fooled, yet again, by the ever transient seasons of this state. It seemed that spring was here with flowers popping up, sap flowing, and mud making the driveway a nightmare to drive on. Then it got cold again, the ground froze, and flowers who had been bold enough to stick their tiny green

April 1st, 2011|


We got goats on Tuesday. They are Oberhasli yearlings from Consider Bardwell Farm in West Pawlet. I know very little about goats. I did a bit of research going into it and learned that I wanted to make sure I bought goats from a CAE and CL disease free farm. These are two nasty goat

March 25th, 2011|

Pumpkin-Root Soup

Back in November we filled two 6x2 trunks with all our winter squash with some spilling over into wicker bushels set on our storage tables. We’ve actually made great progress in going through these squashes. We emptied our trunks last week actually with only the on bushel left on the table. I’d had to throw

March 8th, 2011|

Pumpkin-Root Soup

~ Pumpkin Root Soup (there are no actual pumpkin roots in it, just other roots, and pumpkins) 1 Long Pie Pumpkin 2 Medium Onions Diced 4 Carrots Chopped 1 turnip chopped 1 small rutabaga chopped 3 medium potatoes chopped 2 cups broth or water 1 tbls oil of your choosing 2 tsp thyme 1/8 tsp

March 8th, 2011|

My Detroit Jewel

Growing up I never thought twice about the stove that my mother did all of her cooking on. It’s a propane stove, much the same as all the other mothers had, but unlike their stoves ours you had to light by hand, and turn the gas on and off manually. There is no thermostat or

February 22nd, 2011|

A Farmer’s Life for Me

Why did I choose to be a farmer/home-maker/gardener/food educator/cook? Honestly? I can't really think of anything else I'd rather be doing. I am twenty years old, which to some is far to young to be making such a bold decision, and to be settling down as they say. I can understand their sentiment but I

February 15th, 2011|