Castrated Piglets

Another week has streaked by us here at Breezy Meadows. The days are still getting longer but there is never enough sunlight to get everything done. This week more then most because after a day of rice planting Meadow’s wrists gave out. It’s an old injury that flares up from time to time. She is heading for a checkup next week and hopefully we can find out what’s going on.

Even with the set back lots of things are happening on the hill. We castrated our four boy piglets last week. It all went as smoothly as these things go. Their momma was not a big fan of us taking her little ones. It is a quick transition from happy go lucky mom to crazed protector. She managed to break through our plywood and pallet coral we made for her, even with meadow giving her a bucket full of grain.

The goats are heading off the pasture and into the brush. They are the first wave then the pigs will follow. After a few years we will have a terraced mix of pasture and orchard thanks to their hard work.

Our veggies are really enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather. It is amazing how fast they start growing. The tomatoes are setting fruit, the cucumbers and eggplants are flowering and the peas are starting to crank out their sweet pods. We have planted out 5 of the 7 paddies of rice around 30,000 sqft. The other two will be used to grow rice straw that we will be able to use as mulch in the garden next year.

We did our first canning on Tuesday. We went hunting for ramps for the last time this year. We had a tougher time then we normally do because we were so late that even the flowers had died back. We transformed ourselves into ramp whispers searching the fallen leaves for any hint of them. We will store these until we head off to the winter market in Rutland.

June 16th, 2012|

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