Lawn Salad and a New Door

* Time. I don’t know where it is all going. The temperature has been rising; we’ve been in the 80’s for several days now. Maybe I’m moving slower in this heat, my winter skin still not fully shed, but my summer brain listing all the beds that need weeding, the plants that need transplanting, the

May 31st, 2011|

Shhh….. I’m Hunting for Mushrooms

It’s our third week of hunting. We’ve been successful in bringing in the Wild Ramp, The over abundant dandelion, the fiddle head fern, the wood sorrel, the clovers, and even some cattail shoots. Some of these, like the fiddleheads and the ramps, have seasons that are about to end or have already ended, but for

May 23rd, 2011|

Foraged Harvest.

We did it. First farmer's market of the season accomplished. It got a little hectic on friday trying to be ready for it, and we might have had the starting time wrong and got there a tad late, but it was all right. Our foraged harvest was well accepted and we sold a good number

May 8th, 2011|