Rice and Rain

We've had a good few days of soaking rain. It has kept us inside doing the necessary inside things like starting starts like broccoli, spinach, cabbage, kale, and Tatsoi and doing some planning for next year. This coming week we should have our high-tunnel going up which will be a great help to our slow

August 16th, 2011|

Goat Yogurt in a Crock-pot

* Second week of August and our tomato plants are still holding off on turning ripe. We've been harvesting cherries and glaciers off the plants but all the big guys are just hanging out in their green skins refusing to show any signs of reddening. Thankfully we will have a high-tunnel up to cover them

August 10th, 2011|

Natural Udder Care and Rectifing an Uneven Udder.

August. The beginning of the bounty months. Our tomatoes are beginning to ripen, the peppers are hanging heavy on the plants, the carrots are getting ready to pull and the beans always need picking. We just bought a huge chest freezer to begin freezing our beans and other veggies for the winter market. Just in

August 1st, 2011|

Our Rice is Ripening!

It has been a sunny humid week here in the hills of Tinmouth Vermont. Conditions our rice seem to have enjoyed very much. I'm not sure why I was as surprised as I was to see the first seed head popping out, but I am pretty sure I squeaked a little and maybe even did

July 18th, 2011|

Pigs in the Pasture

We have pigs! Four of them, three for meat this fall and one to keep as a breeder. We named them after meat products so as to be reminded daily of what these adorable little kiddies will turn into. Bacon, Ham, and Porkchop are the meat pigs and Gregina (Greg for short) is the breeder.

June 19th, 2011|

Long Week

This week seemed to go by very fast, I'm not even sure where all the time went. Somehow though, it also seems like the week has been so very long and now on sunday with a week ahead of me I find myself wishing I could have another hour in the morning before my days

May 15th, 2011|

Spring is a Fickle Beast

We've stepped backward into cold again. The poor daffodils that tried to blossom in the warm sun of last week are cursing themselves for thinking it was safe enough to come out of the safety of their buds. We've planted peas, arugula, claytonia, spinach, and mache outside. Our onions were going to go out yesterday

April 16th, 2011|


It is melting. We had a week of snow and freezing and muck and now it is finally melting away. We've planted our peas and radishes out in the garden beds. We had to stick some very cold fingers into partially frozen ground to do it, but they are in and with this warm spring

April 9th, 2011|

Spring Snow

We've been fooled, yet again, by the ever transient seasons of this state. It seemed that spring was here with flowers popping up, sap flowing, and mud making the driveway a nightmare to drive on. Then it got cold again, the ground froze, and flowers who had been bold enough to stick their tiny green

April 1st, 2011|

Pumpkin-Root Soup

Back in November we filled two 6x2 trunks with all our winter squash with some spilling over into wicker bushels set on our storage tables. We’ve actually made great progress in going through these squashes. We emptied our trunks last week actually with only the on bushel left on the table. I’d had to throw

March 8th, 2011|