CSA 2015 Week 9 Half Way There

We are half way through the CSA season. It seems like just yesterday we were gearing up for the first drop off. This time of year we seam to start stabilizing. We aren’t starting as much new stuff the long term veggies need less maintenance. The animals start getting into a grove with moving and milking. By the time the CSA come to an end we will be ready for a break, but their will be the long term stuff that we missed out doing during the summer that will get some much needed attention.

This time of year brings ladies ready to make babies. Last week we shipped our boy goats over to Meadow’s sister’s place for some dude time. With the fellas away the fear of a fencing hoping early pregnancy is much more difficult. They would have to be really smelly for the girls to find them now. On the other hand we want our cows to get knocked up this time of year. A slightly earlier mating would have been a little better but this means the cows will be ready in mid to later spring when there should be plenty of grass to reduce the pressure the new calves will bring. We brought over the bull that was with Suki last year at my Aunt and Uncles house. He is a pretty chill dude but you never know what a bull will do when there are ladies in heat around. After a bumpy trailer ride up our driveway and into one of the back fields I managed to get a bit stuck going up the ramp into the field. After 5 or ten minutes of going back and forth we finally managed to get into the field. The bull was really hyped up when we let him out. He was bellowing rubbing his head in the dirt and just being just a tad crazy. He calmed down a bit with a few random bellows during the night. This morning he seemed fine and we were able to take the ladies away one at a time to milk them. Both of them should go through their heat cycle this week and then he will be back home with his normal harem soon.

The batch of feeder pigs that are almost ready to head to the butcher are a funny bunch this year. For most of their lives they have been in hard fences and only had to move a few feet to get to their new patch of grass. But early in the summer we moved them into the goats winter bedded area to turn it all up and get the composting started. They did a pretty bad job at it but after a few weeks we wanted them to get use to electric fences. To train them we built a fence out of cattle panels and then put two wires on the inside. Pigs are strange. When they are first introduce to electricity their first instinct is to run right through it. That seems weird to me. Ouch this hurts let me run more into it. The hard exterior fence is suppose to stop them from doing this. All the pigs except one did well they learned wire is scary and I should stay far away from it. One on the other hand had to take a few licks before it clicked in. The last hit was pretty extreme. He hit the wire then tried to plow through the fence. Pigs are just big hunks of muscle and the cattle panel just barely held up to the guys force. After that her really didn’t like the fence. When we moved them this morning to a new paddock he was the last one to move as always now that he is so afraid of the fence. Even if the fence is clearly not their anymore. Maybe next move he will get that when we tell him to go its okay.

Meadow had her first two days of summer camp this week. The kids get to garden, play games and make meals together. They seem to have a good time and it gives them something to do and some tasty food to eat. This year Meadow changed it up a bit and they will be visiting different farms in the area. They went to Smokey House to pick blueberries on tuesday. With a few hours of harvesting they picked 21 pounds of blueberries. Meadow thought they should have weight scale like at a transfer station to see how many blueberries the kids ate while they were picking.

We hope everyone has enjoyed the first half of the season and like us are looking forward for all that is left.

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