CSA Week 3

Breezy Meadows CSA 2016 Week 3

The sun is finally back out after days of cold cloudy weather.  The vegetables decided to take it slow these past few days.  With the sun and the temperature climbing I’m expecting a big jump in growth in the next few days.  The cloudy weather was nice for transplanting.  We transplanted out our outside tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash and basil last week.  If the temperature were a bit higher they would have liked it a bit more but beggars can’t be choosers.  We transplanted all of these vegetables in the new back field.  The longer row and slightly wider bed spacing has made planting go smoothly.  And it seems like we will stay pretty weed free this year at least.  No galinsoga in sight.

As Meadow gets close to her due date I’ve been making the size of the grazing paddocks bigger.  I’m trying to give us a day or two buffer of easy grass when the baby decides its time to break free.  The goal is about three days for each space.  This lets us have the buffer but also keeps the grass from being eaten when it starts to regrow on the fourth day.  If it happens on the end of a 3 day cycle then it will be hay for everyone.  I’m assuming we will be out of commission for a few days and having people move fencing seems tougher then feeding out hay.  There is lots of new hay to be eaten. 

We did a first cut of some of the fields in late May.  We did all round bales which was nice because we didn’t have to unload wagons and stack them in the barn by hand.  But even with the efficiency of the round bales we still managed to not finish up before dark.  And with the threat of rain during the night we had to bring all the bales to the big hoop barn.  The first trip with two tractors with trailers loaded to the brim went pretty uneventful.  There were some missed gears, over revving of engines and maybe one or two stalls going up hill.

The second trip after the sun went down driving two tractors with no lights was a bit more thrilling.  We made it from one side of town over to the part of 140 just past our house that has a pretty good downhill straight away.  I had been in two high of a gear the last time i went down it, so i dropped into a lower gear and started plodding down.  About half way through the stretch my engine load drops and I accelerate down the hill for maybe a few seconds.  Marshall was behind me with a round bale on his bucket and a tractor loaded with bales that was in a slightly higher gear then me and breaks that were not great.  So he ended up ramming me.  Lucky for us we were on a straight section and i probably had so much mass in my load the impact was easily absorbed.  They say that tractors and bulls are the two most dangerous things on a farm.  The odds were in my favor that night and maybe we will try to space out a little farther next time.

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