CSA Update 10 or NO SLEEP TILL…. August

Thank goodness that Solarfest is over for the year and our visitors have headed back across the sea. Last week was filled with many late nights and far to many early mornings. I feel like I’m still getting back into the right sleep cycles. My friday rice workshop was the most attended of the day and my ram pump workshop was almost filled as well. I’m glad that I can offer something that people seem to be really interested in.

With the rumbling of the Solarfest storm fading away we got hit with a much more literal storm last night. We have been lucky this summer with the big storms missing our place and it seemed like this one had passed us by with no problem yet again. We had a small window last night when we could milk the cow with out getting poured on. But by the time we were done with her and getting ready for the goats the skies opened up again. Lucky for us we have a fancy new milking parlor that kept us mostly dry. Well I was already soaked from the walk back with the cow. But Meadow stayed dry and I might have gotten a little shocked turning off the milker. So yeah, mostly dry.

This morning I went down to pick and found the first major weather damage of the summer. All our sweet corn was flattened. It didn’t look broken just flopped over so Meadow and I propped all the rows up using some string, fence posts and the metal hoops we use during the cold season to hold up our frost protection. You are always rolling the dice when you put a seed into the ground. The longer the time between seeding and harvesting the greater the odds that something is going to strike your sweet little babies down. By planting a mix of vegetables and more than you need, the hope is that at least something will have a gangbuster year. In this case the corn will probably be slowed down but should start soaking up the sun and growing again.

With the corn propped up, I headed back to harvesting. In the bed next to the corn I had a row of Kohl Rabi plants that I was planning on picking. I had checked on them a few days ago and they looked like they were going to be just the right size for you folks. I was a little worried that the heavy rains would have caused some splitting but that wasn’t the case. Instead I found that the top center of each little bulbous stem had been munching away. It must be the tastiest part because the rest of the plant was left alone. I’m not sure which of our small fuzzy haired friends did the munching but we will have to take some new measures of defense to protect the other small plants.

We have a very welcomed small furry creature here at Breezy Meadows. On Saturday evening we picked up a 10 week old rescued puppy. Meadow has been searching for the right puppy for a few months now and finally one showed up that was just perfect. We are pretty terrible at naming things here on the farm so during the world cup we decided we would name it after something to do with the team that wins. With some terrible dog names on the German team we decided to be a bit more creative. Our Spanish visitors were trying to name her different Spanish names, which gave us the idea for Alemania. The Spanish name for Germany. We’ve shortened it to ania(awn-ya). She and the cat have become wrestling buddies, and Louie has finally started to play with her after they both ignored each other for a while.

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