CSA Week 2

Another week and more stuff is going in the ground and popping up to be harvested.  The peas have a bouquet of flowers getting ready to explode with their sweet pods.  Our early potatoes are looking pretty good and with luck we should be able to work out a week of new potatoes and peas which are one of my favorite combos.  I finished planting the rice yesterday.  This year we did 6 paddies with rice seedlings that look amazing.  As long as the weather is nice to us we should have more rice then we know what to do with.  I have my eye on a little 2 row hand powered transplanter.  If i can figure out how to get it out of china it will speed up our rice planting from 4 or 5 days to 1 day.  And my back will like me much more.

My dad came up this April to help me build a new tunnel that will act as our greenhouse.  With the help of Meadow’s dad and my dad we bent a bunch of metal tubing we had left over from one of our other high tunnel builds.  We are trying to keep our dad’s nice and young by making them do all the back breaking work.  With the extra tubing we were able to build a 12×48 tunnel.  It worked really well.  All the transplants we grew look really nice.  We trade heated greenhouse space at Boardman Hill Farm for piglets.  We start all our tomatoes, peppers and eggplants here then take them over to his place for the early spring.  It saves us space for other things and we don’t have to worry nearly as much about cold snaps.  And he gets some great piglets to raise during the summer. 

Our dairy cow Brandy got two new accessories to stop the flies from bothering her.  Meadow got her a fly mask after one day she couldn’t open one of her eyes from the swelling from bug bites. She looks pretty silly wearing it but she seems much happier.  To deal with the flies everywhere else I got a little hand vacuum.  I used it today for the first time this morning while she was being milked out.  After some training i managed to get 99% of the flies.  By the afternoon a new batch had found her but at least she had a little break from them. 

The house is starting to fill up with baby stuff.  I think 90% of it is diapers.  Apparently these baby things can’t be put out on bedded pack, like we do all our other critters.  Who knew?  The other 10% of stuff is just diaper support stuff I think.  Meadow has gone into nesting mode.  It’s funny how the old parts of our brain are just wired to do certain things.  Our sows make nests out of saplings and grass, the goats tend to make these divots in the soft dirt and meadow is setting up the mommy baby zone. 

June 9th, 2016|

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