December Mud

We are into the second week of december and I am still tracking in great globs of mud whenever I enter the house. It seems to strange to still be working the soil and getting in posts so far into winter. I know the snow is coming but the radio just predicts a chance of rain and sunshine. The mud has been great for all the projects we need to finish and the lack of snow has made working outside much more pleasant. The paddies are done which is a huge relief and we just got the ground posts in for our solar greenhouse which is another big item scratched of the list.

The pigs are in their winter spot now, we put them in my mom’s old round pen. When my dad built it, it was a beautiful wood walled pen where she could run her wild horses around without fear of them jumping out. In the years since she moved her horses down to the McNamara farm the boards and posts have been salvaged for miscellaneous projects here and there. The round shape still remains held together by the few posts and side boards left. The pigs have made a race-track of it and tear around their pen snorting and spinning their heinies in the air.

I just got the goat fence up today. Josh and I had to pound the crowbar for a while to make a hole anywhere big enough for the posts to go down in. They are all in now and I just need to make them some kind of shelter and it will be goat ready.

The chickens have started laying at long last. As far as I can tell we have seven of the 22 young hens laying. So far we have white, green, and brown eggs, no chocolate ones yet. We may have more but they are laying them somewhere else. For the last two weeks there’s been a black hen that goes off on her own over by the icebox I’d searched but couldn’t find anything. I’d given up thinking she was laying eggs but the other morning she was out over by the shed before we’d milked and I got motivated agin to go looking. It took me ten minutes to find her stash she’d hidden them under a pile of plastic and an old screen door there were ten eggs there total, all but the one she’d laid that morning was frozen so solid that when I tripped on my way inside they didn’t so much as crack when they hit the ground. The pigs enjoyed those frozen morsels and since then she’s started laying them in hay bales we keep under the solar panels. Hopefully when the snows come and we get them in their winter home they will all conform to the egg boxes. As troublesome as it may be to have hens laying eggs willy nilly I do love finding them.

Our greens are growing and looking wonderful in the high-tunnel harvesting and washing is getting to be less and less pleasant but so far we have been able to continue picking and washing outside.

I know I keep saying I’m going to be better about updating the blog, I’m not sure what has happened for the last few months or why I’ve been so unmotivated to be in front of my computer. Ok, maybe I have some idea, Josh teases me about being stressed out over nothing but somehow no matter how many times he says “everything will get done” I don’t feel any more certain. Now that the ground posts are in the ground I am feeling a little less stress, I still can’t believe it was the second week of december when we put them in the ground. In theory I should have more time to write these updates especially now that the ground is freezing and the wreath orders have stopped coming in.

I Hope you have all been able accomplish your fall goals and are settling in with a full woodshed and a hot fire.
The collapsed yurt you see in the background has since been dismantled and I’ll have you know it was snowing when this picture was taken, my hands were very cold.

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