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Doris and Fran Future Moms

As we say goodbye to this fall’s round of piglets we are saying hello to two new little ladies. Doris and Francesca are our next generation of sows. They are just little gilts now but by spring they will be big enough for breeding. D & F are little sisters to the sows we have now. The older ladies have been doing so well that we wanted to keep the family line going. The two ladies are really friendly. And as piglets tend to be very excitable when it is feeding time. When they here one of us coming they start running in big circles while making these happy little pigs sounds.

Once they are a little big and the real cold weather sets in we will introduce them to the old the sows. At first we will have a divider keeping them apart. They get to use the to smell of each other and tell each other who is boss. When its time to group up there is a bit of bumping and shoving but it gets worked out pretty quickly. Philip our boar will be left out of the party. We wouldn’t want to have them be bred to early from an over eager man. Its also a little unfortunate for us because it means we have to have two places to water and feed. Just a bit more work but doable. Once they all get into the swing of breeding a big happy family they shall be.

November 12th, 2015|

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