Long Week

This week seemed to go by very fast, I’m not even sure where all the time went. Somehow though, it also seems like the week has been so very long and now on sunday with a week ahead of me I find myself wishing I could have another hour in the morning before my days start. This week’s post will be mostly pictures. I apologize, I promise to do better next week.

Our fruit trees are ready to bloom the next sunny day we have!

Our goats are eager to move to their new pasture, this is the line between their old pasture and their new one.

Here they are chowing down on the new greenery.

Josh and Alec have been busy building hugel bets in the dry weather we had this week. We have almost twice the amount of growing space that we had before, and they look beautiful.

Josh built two paddies for our rice and the toads have taken up permanent residence. They all moved out of the pond and have layed strings of black beaded jello eggs all throughout and singing up a storm.

How is spring progressing for you? Anyone else undertaking some ambitious garden projects this wet spring?


May 15th, 2011|

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  1. rainbow May 17, 2011 at 3:25 pm - Reply

    Is that my fire pit and nice benches I see in your goat pen?!!

    • cyn May 17, 2011 at 7:55 pm - Reply

      my school garden is currently a swamp..the former strawberry bed…which as you recall was raised and then razed..is now a pond, …the path a stream..and the kids are thrilled …all the mud pies you could imagine…i am actually glad we have been so late in deciding to plant…because we are supposed to have three more days of rain..ambitious plans…i am just hoping the weeds drown

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