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It is squishy and brown here in Tinmouth. We have been seeding places that need it this week, and plan to put some peas in the ground for shoots later this week. It is so strange to not have snow and to have above freezing temperatures consistently. I’m not complaining, although it could stop raining.

We hope to get the hydro pump set up for this stream running this summer to give us a little more electricity.

This is where most of our/my whole families fire wood came from this winter. We are going to chip the smaller brush and send the animals through it this summer. This will eventually be silvopasture the hope is that the coyotes won’t be too big of a problem. They used to use this area as a major highway to get from one den to another…we haven’t heard them all winter and from what I’m told they seem to be marshaling in the valley’s this year.

The cloud break just before dark… was very beautiful.

February 1st, 2012|

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