November Rains

The snow from my last post has long since melted and the weather has been balmy and sunny for the most part. I planted all my bulbs and put some ranunculus in our high-tunnel to see what it will do. Josh got all the small trees cut down from the hedgerow around our paddies and now we are waiting for my dad to come take out the larger ones and push them into a pile for later firewood. On the 28th is when the excavation crew comes out to break ground on the paddies!

Esther and Isla went to visit a local nubian buck so we will hopefully have some little nuberhaslis running around here come spring.

The Tinmouth Fire Department had its annual game supper fundraiser yesterday and it was a great success. It is a truly amazing event, they fed almost 600 people with game brought in by the game wardens, most of which was hit by vehicles. Bear, moose, venison in three to four different forms was available to dinner goers. Plates were mounded with wild game root vegetables and rolls, as they walked the long tables trying to find a place to sit. Servers walked among the tables holding jugs of milk and cider pouring for anyone who raised a glass. It was quite the feast!

Gregina has been making nests, so far she has made five that we know of. She spends her first few days in a new place collecting brush, leaves, twigs, in her mouth and carrying them to a sunny location. She then pushes them about with her snout until she has created a round nest-like structure. All four pigs enjoy these nests but Gregina gets the best spot, the bottom of the pig pile. On cold mornings you can see the steam rising from where they have been sleeping.

We had great article about us in the Tuesday Rutland Herald. Sharon Parquette-Nimtz came up and visited us last week on a gorgeous november day and we were able to show her the farm and all the projects we have in the works, or already done. It is nice to have some publicity about our farm in a place where many of our customers will read it. It is so hard to convey all we are doing and all that we want to do in the few short minutes it takes to make a transaction at the farmer’s market. Our farm requires a more hands-on description and it is nice to have been able to have someone put to words some of what we do.

Dead Pigs!

As December gets closer and closer and as much as I hate to bring up christmas before i’ve stuffed myself with turkey, Josh and I have taken on the Wilds of Tinmouth Wreath Business and will be making Christmas wreaths for the holiday season. Our wreaths are made with our local balsam boughs from the farm, rose hips and dogs wood from the old pastures, and pine cones from our woods. We will have our wreaths at the Farmer’s market starting this saturday but if you know you want one you can pre-order one by calling: 802-235-2025. I’ll have pictures of our wreaths coming soon!

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  1. Roslyn Imrie December 4, 2011 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    I love that first picture! Snow and ice can be so enchanting. Living in the south, I miss it!

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