Snow on the ground Seed Catalogs in the mail

Well it finally happened for real. I don’t check the weather as much this time of year so when we woke up to snow on the ground it was a bit of a surprise. We still have some posts to put in the ground for our new cow shed. The ground probably won’t be to frozen at least after the first couple of inches. Then there is the snow fence up on the driveway that still needs to go up. Somehow winter always sneaks up on us. There is just to much to get done.

That’s where coming up with good systems helps out. When we plant out a new windbreak by the road we won’t have to use snow fence anymore. With a well insulated house we won’t have to cut as much firewood to heat in the winter. With better water lines around the farm we won’t have to carry as many water buckets once we start getting freezing temps.

But we are still building all of these things so for now a to short fall no matter how warm it is will never be enough.

We got our first seed catalog for 2014 in the mail last week. High Mowing offers an early discount so they tend to get their catalog out fast. When you open the catalog and see that little “new” in a picture or by the description it is always so tempting. This new variety will solve my problems, taste fantastic and yield like its going out of style. But there has to be a balance. The varieties that you’ve planted before have experience on their side. We know what they are going to do for the most part. And while that might seem boring the predictability is what will help us stay farmers.

As we try a few new things every year a few old ones will drop off and the new will become old. And the cycle will continue. There will never be a year that is the same as the last. And that is both the exciting and scary part of farming.

November 26th, 2013|

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