The Beginning Of Spring?

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We are at a the cross roads of a major shift in the seaons. Winter has gained a strong foothold these past few months. Sending down wave after wave of arctic cold with and scattered but significant snow. With such a strong front line the newly awakened Spring doesn’t seem to have much of a chance. But it seems to be starting to poke holes in Winters defenses.

With the start of the week bringing record lows all around Vermont Winter is trying to hold on with all its might. On Wednesday Spring found a chink in the armor and what started as a snow storm quickly changed over to rain. The battle raged on through the day with temperature dips sending us back to snow. Then a warm, relatively that is, wind would rise up and rain would start again. Normal such miserable weather would be unwelcome. But with Baby animals on the way and many projects to get started on anything to battle the snow banks is fine by me.

Meadow moved the momma goats that are scheduled for birthing into a new area last week. With the cold weather we were a little worried about a little one being born in the middle of the night. So far we have had three boys. Last year we had good luck with the ladies so it was time for a balancing act. There was a pair of twins that was a little small and since we can’t run a heat lamp, meadow made them some sweater vests. There are two more mommas scheduled for this round. Then we will have another batch in a little less then a month. A baby calf and piglets will be right on their heels. There was suppose to be plenty of green growing things by the time the calf popped out, but with this weather we are having who knows.

We are scaling way back this year on maple production. Our neighbor who we normally boil with is taking this year off. Meadow’s brother is going to make a makeshift arc and we are going to do a few buckets instead of tubing. With Meadow’s and my physical aliments this doesn’t sound to bad. And it will give us more time for our other early spring activities. We’ve already started seeding our tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, onions, and greens for the spring.

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