The Glacier

There are certain things that Meadow and I do or have to deal with that is a bit different from the average american life. You can probably tell from our pictures on the site. For example during the winter we have a 97% success rate making the drive up our road. When we first moved back all we had was my small VW gulf TDI and the failure rate was significantly higher. Snowdrifts are a common occurrence if we fail to get the snow fence up in time. But the real enemy is The Glacier. The Squier’s have been battling the Glacier since the dawn of time and we continue the struggle to this day.
The glacier is a short little section of our road. If you make it about halfway to our house you come around a sharp corner only to be faced with in innocent looking uphill climb that curls slightly to the right. To the right and left of the road are rock outcroppings that are a clue to the true nature of the Glacier.
In the middle of road about 2/3rds of the way up is a small spring that seeps a trickle of water year round. An icy ledge begins to form as the temperatures begin to dip below freezing. As the cold weather really takes hold the ice begins to creep down the hill. It’s a constant force that is able to concur all the layers of sand and salt we lay before it.

Along the side of the road a small channel works it way from the woods. Water fills the channel anytime it rains and during the melt of in the spring. The channel is small and the water over flows onto the road with any significant amount of rain. There were perfect conditions for a double whammy from the spring and surface water this winter. The slow onslaught of the spring was reinforced by quick strikes of heavy rain followed by sub zero temperatures. The ice was able to cover not only the steep slope but the turn around below it and the road extending all the way around the corner. This was truly a spectacular feet.

With our truck we are more successful getting all the way to our house. In January the truck decided that 4-wheel drive was highly overrated. We disagreed strongly so we tried to convince it otherwise. When we wanted to attempt to go into 4-wheel drive we would start a series of ritualistic button presses and gearshifts. Sometimes there would even be a reverse motion for a few feet, then back to the buttons. If we were lucky we could get into 4 low. 4 high was a lofty dream that could only be achieved in warm weather and when the button sequence and reverse motion were exactly right. When we did manage to hit 4 high we kept it there for as long as we could. That was until the night I ran out of gas. Since our fuel gauge doesn’t work we use mileage to tell us when to fill up the tank. Unfortunately for me at around 11 at night, I discovered that the fuel efficiency of the car decreased significantly in 4high. And can you guess where I ran out of gas. Yep that’s right The Glacier. It somehow gets you even in the nicest of weather. Eventually in late February the truck stopped going into 4wheel drive all together so we had to go get it fixed.

Some folks dream of fancy vacations or cool sports cars. We tend to dream of a day where we no longer have to face the Glacier. Dynamite has been thought of more than once. But it turns out you can’t just go pick it up at the corner store. We will try building up the road with more stone. That should at least keep the surface water off the road. The spring will still seep I’m sure. But on a positive note if there is an apocalypse we should be pretty safe from the roving bands of mad max like hooligans. With the salt supply most likely run dry the ice should make it near impossible to penetrate our defenses. If they come in the summer we can only hope they are afraid of potholes.

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