Too warm

It is too warm here.

Josh and I spent the weekend in Burlington where they at least got a dusting of snow but we returned to the lovely brown landscape that is what we’ve looked at all winter. My goats were getting so restless in their pen that I moved them out into the old garden to eat down the left over beet tops kale trees and grass.
I’m concerned that it will continue on this freeze thaw cycle and then all of a sudden get really warm like it did last spring. If it did that than our sugaring season would be very short. The weather we’ve been having has been perfect for sugaring but nobody is quite ready to believe that the season is going to jump a whole month back…..but maybe next year we’ll start tapping on valentines day! The warm weather was been good for building projects. This picture is from a few days ago when josh was putting on the purlains, today he is getting the plastic on and then on to the side walls and interior and we’ll be ready to start seeds!
We soaked some field peas in water for a few days and I just planted them in our high tunnel last week. We have an unruly number of rodents in our tunnel. I planted renunculous in it in October and they have started to come up which is very exciting! Unfortunately the mice apparently love renunculous and ate down most of my happy little shoots. My friend had a mouse problem once and made a spray with peppermint oil and water that she put around her room, I did a similar solution using organic peppermint soap and so far they’ve left them alone! I’m afraid the peas are more what is protecting them though a fair amount of pea seeds have been devoured so when I get home I plan another dosing of peppermint in hopes that it will deter them…..

We cooked up some pork-chops for my grandparents when we were in Burlington and they were very delicious, apples, cranberries, onions, honey and cider baked for 1 1/2 hours. My cousin was appalled that we would eat our own pigs and the more Josh or I tried to explain it to her the less she listened. I can see why she feels that way, the only animals she has any experience with are pets and she couldn’t imagine eating a pet, most people can’t. It is just so sad that our kids don’t know the difference now, that they don’t associate meat with a living animal, they have no connection to the fact that even though it comes smoked, BBQ, wrapped in plastic or from a can, it originally was a living, breathing, feeling animal. It wasn’t even that long ago that kids her age in this country were expected to help with the killing, skinning, smoking, cooking of the family pig, cow, chickens or what have you. Anyone remember Laura Ingalls Wilder? How excited she was about smoking the pig, the brain cheese, and how they played with it’s bladder? Now it grosses kids out to the point of retching to think about eating the animal which is the best part!
It is just so sad that we as a society have allowed our kids to feel that way, and to not understand what it means to eat meat, whether it is local or not, your own pig or someone else’s, if everyone truly understood that by eating meat you are eating something that once had eyes, a nose, wiggled it’s ears and loved to be scratched right above the tail we would be a little more respectful of the meat isle in the supermarket. And how sad is it that we deprive our kids of the kind of fun that Laura and her sisters had! It was a long time ago that I read those books but I still remember the part about the pig and just how much fun the whole process sounded!

How do you look at meat? Did you grow up with a family pig? Does anyone remember Little house in the Big Woods differently? Thoughts about the ethics of eating your own animals?

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