We adopted an orphan.

The warm weather is winning. It was in the 80’s this week, my delicate winter skin got an unpleasant surprise when I wore a tank top in the hot sun for 8 hours last wednesday. I am still sitting tenderly to keep my back form touching the chair behind me. The warm weather brought more than sunburns though, blooms! Green seems to be everywhere now and the spring flowers are showing off shamelessly with bright colors and flashy new petals.
We adopted an orphan last thursday. My mother has made a name for herself being a good foster/permanent parent for orphaned or abandoned animals. Last spring it was a litter of 4 day old kittens that she bottle fed every three hours until they were big enough to see and eat on their own. The year before that was a puppy that was found running around the water treatment facility in Poultney, VT, who is now full grown and a sweet little dog named Lily. The year before that was two ponies, the year before that a pregnant mare, and the list goes on. Last thursday we got a much smaller addition to our list, a tiny little road island red chick found on a motorbike at a repair shop in West Rutland. Even though the sex is impossible to know we’ve all been to referring to it has a he. Here he is in his second favorite place,

In fact this blog post is being written with him nestled into his very favorite place, my hair. As gross as some might find it I do indeed have a baby chicken in my hair and when he nestles into my cheek it is tremendously adorable. I’ll also have you know that as of now he hasn’t pooped in my hair he comes out and poops on the shirt I have around my neck, he is a very considerate chicken.

He is also a very lonely chicken and when left alone will cheep incessantly in that piercing high tone that would make anyone want to put him in their hair. He goes right to sleep though the moment you take him out of his cage, he just wants some company and some love, and I find it hard to resist.

Although we have an order of chicks being incubated for us by Layed in Vermont we might have to just go buy some industrially produced chicks just to keep him company.

Besides chicks, we’ve also ordered 15 heritage turkey breeds to sell for thanksgiving. This idea was inspired by the other new member of our farm family, Alec the intern. Alec came to us through a family connection, looking for work of the agricultural variety. I informed him before he arrived that we were just starting and very small, but he still seemed to want to come out to Vermont to live with us in our lincoln log cabin and play in the dirt. We are excited to have him, he is interested in working with poultry so we are getting 15 turkeys and possibly some broilers for the fall.

Market is next saturday! Although all our seeds and starts are coming up we will not be able to harvest anything we’ve planted for the first market. Next year we will have our hoop-houses so this will hopefully not be the case in 2012. In order to still be present we are going to spend thursday and friday next week hunting for ramps, fiddle-heads, and other wild edibles. Since it is mother’s day weekend we will be digging some plants to sell as gifts, Lilacs,(white, deep purple, japanese purple, and violet colored) comfrey, hollyhocks, and maybe some northrup roses. So if you need a gift for mother’s day we’ll be in Rutland next saturday selling potted plants as well as spring flower bouquets that you mother will love!

No news on the goat, just going to have to wait and see. We moved them out into new pasture and they have spent this week foraging on blackberries, saplings, and goldenrod sprigs. They seem happy and healthy as well as ravenous for anything green.

As some of you may have noticed we are in the middle of trying to move our flicker photos onto our website to make it easier to view our images. So if you are looking for pictures from this week go to “Our Farm” on the menu bar and then click on the photo album entitled “Spring Flowers.”

Anyone else have baby animals showing up at their houses? Any other flowers being particularly showy this year? Is this wet weather effecting anyone else’s spring plans? I love to read what-other people are doing so don’t shy about leaving a comment!

Thanks for reading, and happy flowers!

April 30th, 2011|

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  1. cyn May 1, 2011 at 7:44 am - Reply

    ok wow, mainly ,,i smiled all through reading this..wish i could come buy all your ramps and lilacs..cyn

  2. Francene May 1, 2011 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    What are ramps?
    and the baby chick in your hair is awesome..

  3. Meadow May 2, 2011 at 3:00 pm - Reply

    Ramps are a kind of wild leek that are really delicious!

  4. Robyn May 4, 2011 at 7:47 am - Reply

    I had my first ramps on Saturday. Julie and Rachelwent ramp roaming on Jenny Barlow’s land. Yummy

  5. Mairi Clare May 18, 2013 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    I know this is a really old post, but is that baby chicken the one that turned out to be the current extremist-squawker rooster?? (btw I think the pictures are extremely sweet:)

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