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Wreath Season in Vermont

The holiday season is just around the corner.  For us that means wreath season is here.  I harvested a truckload full of balsam bows on Tuesday. Instead of cutting the trees down low, I cut them around chest height keeping a few green branches on the left over stump. Those few branches respond the the extra light and start growing upwards.  In a few years they will be ready to be harvested again.

Saturday was our first big wreath day of the year.  Shoppers coming by to get their house ready for visitors or just getting their annual wreath orders out of the way.  We had one lady who liked our wreaths so much see bought 6!  She liked the traditional look of our wreaths.

That got Meadow thinking about how she has been attaching pine cones from the same trees since she had the dexterity to so.  The red dogwood from around the old apple tree and making the ribbons like her mom taught her.  And how she will be most likely be making wreathes until she loses the dexterity to do so.  By then maybe our kids might have taken over making wreaths and the cycle can continue.

We will have our traditional Vermont wreaths for sale on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the farmers market.  You can call in an order or use your credit card in our online store.  We ship wreaths anywhere in the lower 48.


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