Zeer Pot, Bottles, Wood Chip Piles, and oh broken trucks…

The past couple of days have been some unlucky days with trucks. We were unloading wood down at Forget Me Not Farm and ended up breaking the front axle of one of the trucks. We still had the dodge going so we still could get up our driveway. Then after the snow two days ago I was backing up and lost power to the wheels when a transmission line came off sending transmission fluid all over the place. We ended up driving the tractor down the road and got picked up by melody in the last 4×4 car we have. The plow truck was doing fine until the front tire went flat. Even that wasn’t so bad, but then it ran out of gas. Melody ended up pushing it off to the side with the tractor after we shoveled the truck out a bit. When it rains it pours or I guess for us right now its when is snows it dumps.

Today I spent trying to revive my Zeer Pot Experiment. A zeer pot is a way to keep food cool using no electricity. You have a clay pot in my case a flower pot inside another clay pot. Between the pots you pour in sand. You then pour in as much water as the sand will hold. If the air around your zeer pot is dry enough the water will be wicked through the clay and will evaporate. The evaporation pulls heat out of the inner pot keeping it cool even when it is very warm outside. Farmers in africa use them to prolong the shelf life of their vegetables. I do not know if my experiment will work. I might have to large of an inner pot to keep cool for any period of time. I’m on the hunt for a smaller pot to experiment with. The captions on the flickr page gives a more in depth instruction set. Here is the link for the photo gallery.

I crushed road salt for a hour or so to mix with the water bottles. I need to find some sort of grinder if I’m going to be doing more bottles. I’m going to look at the mission and the salvation army today to see if i can find anything that will work.

The wood chip pile is still warm but drop a few degrees. Mushrooms have showed up on the top of the pile. Yesterday I took a picture of one that had just come up. This morning it was gone something had snagged it. But there are more coming. It will be interesting to see how they do once they get up out of the pile and have to deal with the chilly air.

It is saturday so that means Rutland’s Winter Farmers market is on my list of things to do. The picking are still good. The demand for greens usually means that if you get there late you will miss them, but there are plenty of roots for the taking. Vermont Bean Crafters are great locally produced and sourced bean burger that you can have while you stroll the market or buy a frozen pack to eat at home. The guys at the booth are a bunch of characters so they are worth chatting it up while your burgers are being cooked.

See you folks next time,

February 5th, 2011|

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  1. cyn February 5, 2011 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    wish i had some of bean crafters burgers right now….and wow i cannot complain about anything…wish i had a spare truck lying around…i know where you can get a purple one…….

  2. old man February 18, 2011 at 8:05 am - Reply

    Looks like becoming a mechanic is on your to do list.

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